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Online Personal Trainer

"Do good anyways" - Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta


The easiest way to be my friend is through some good ol' chocolate chip cookies or a nice saucy pizza. Aside from these food wonders though, I'm a huge advocate for mental, spiritual, and physical health!

I've been on my own personal journey towards a balanced lifestyle and in the process have lost over 100 lbs... That's literally a small human being! However, the scale was only a small part of what I experienced. The biggest transformations I had were emotional healing, proper self-love, and most importantly a stronger spiritual life.

These changes eventually led me to become a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (NASM). I have seen from my own journey just how much more of a gift we can be when foundational elements are nurtured.

My goal as a coach is to speak grace into the lives of my clients, equip them to take more ownership of their health (mind, body, and soul), and potentially find a killer new chocolate chip cookie recipe along the way. When I'm not coaching 'you can catch me outside' on a hiking adventure, channeling my inner Master Chef, and advocating for mental health.


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