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Online Personal Trainer + Nutrition Coach

 As a young mom of 3 kids ages 4 and under, I've come to understand the importance of training for pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and an overall active life.


Growing up a "cradle" Catholic, I didn't quite understand my faith until I attended college at John Paul the Great Catholic University. When I look back, that's also where the seeds of my fitness journey were planted. There, I slowly began to see the connection between my physical discipline and my spiritual life. I was no "gym junkie" by any means, but a routine suddenly became essential.

Although I have always stayed relatively fit, it wasn't until I got pregnant with my firstborn that I realized how much I needed to take working out seriously for the sake of my physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. Then, I got pregnant with my son and knew I needed to kick my butt into gear. That's when I decided to become certified by the American Council of Exercise. 

I'm here to walk alongside women and help them build sustainable, effective habits that promote physical and spiritual well-being.

When I'm not coaching or wrestling babies you can find me reheating my coffee, wishing for a margarita and praying for more grace! You can read more about my vivacious life over at my blog, Live Vivaciously.

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